COLLLABORATIVO #5 "LLENO"  (13X13" acrylic)
I'd like to say that yesterday I motivated a group of non-painter, mostly gringos (otherwise known as Friends without Borders) to drop all inhibitions (and their desire to have lunch and some conversation in peace) and create this collaborative painting, but I'd only be telling a half-truth.

Although the adults started it off with a sun, a heart, and some spirited squiggles, it was really three young girls: Ashlyn, Maria, and Sylvia who seemed to know intuitively what collaborative painting is. They didn't argue, or discuss, just worked together. When one element she liked got painted over by her littlest sister, the oldest sister just replaced it.

When they stopped, I asked, "No quieres pintar mas?" (Don't you want to paint any more?) The little one said, "No. Lleno." (It's full). I loved that.

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