Black & White Cow with Blue Corn Tortillas

Black & White Cow with Blue Corn Torillas (40X40 acrylic)
I had just finished my last cow painting "Cowcentric" when I went back to Umecuaro for the weekend where I saw an awesome black and white chicken which gave me the idea for this black and white border. I had my camera and I followed the chicken around for quite awhile (the chickens of Umecuaro are quite free-roaming) until it got spooked and jumped into a ditch. I kept hoping I'd run into that chicken again, but alas, no such luck. Meanwhile, I was basically tripping over black and white cows. So here's another cow. But can there really be too many cow paintings?

I got the blue corn tortillas at the San Juan market when I got back to Morelia. Perhaps you can't see them well, but there are also kernals of blue corn in there.

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