100 Chile Labyrinth

100 Chile Labyrinth (23.5 X 23.5, acrylic)
Labyrinths! I love to walk them. I built one once in our yard out of sticks. I've carved them over and over into the sand at the beach. They're a passion of mine. So here's my attempt to bring two passions together: food and labyrinth.  For models I used a bag of chiles de arbol that I bought at the market. Notice that each one is different.  I had no idea how many chiles it would take to get to the end. When it turned out to be exactly 100, I couldn't believe it!

The idea is to follow the labyrinth from chile to chile with your eyes starting with the lower middle orange one that's pointing up...

 Note: This painting is very hard to photograph well (at least w/my camera) because of the black background.

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