This is the fourth in my series of food paintings inspired by the San Juan market.  Pig heads figure big there and have always fascinated me.  What do you do with a pig's head I always wondered.  Then I read my friend Cristina Potters's post on Mexico Cooks! about pozole.

I love pozole!  This is my cheerful painted version of it including some possible garnishes:  avocado, sliced radishes, shredded cabbage, and cilantro.

(40X40" acrylic on canvas)

(If you saw the post before Oct. 17, 2011 you may notice that I repainted the pig portion ... I like this pig better.)


jennifer rose said...

Y'know, this series would look very good printed up as large silk scarves.

Geoffrey said...

Hah! This one does look like a scarf, you're right. Where does one wear a pig's head scarf I wonder.